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In a nutshell.
Udai is a Developer at Yahoo, Sunnyvale. He earned his Master's Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University (Go Sundevils!). That's enough talking in third person for him.

I am a developer who has a passion to enhance or improve anything technology related. I was an intern in Intel Corp, Chandler for the Summer of 2014 as a Graduate Software Intern.

I was born and raised in India and before moving to the States, I was working in Hewlett-Packard R&D, Bangalore. I was also an intern at Wipro and Videocon in the summer of 2010 and 2011 respectively.

So, to sum up:


I play Ping-Pong, Cricket and Chess (been a while since I played Chess though). Love grooving to Pearl Jam and head bobbing Drake.

I also run a humor page with more than 270,000 followers on Facebook.
Some stats about me:
Height : About the height of a Giant Panda (Sitting down)
Weight : Depends on how heavy breakfast I have had.

Click Me I am not a nerd. I have cool glasses and ironic T-Shirts. That makes me a Geek!
 You can download the Rsum by clicking here

Here is the snapshot of the same:
The Weapons
Programming/Web skills
Misc skills
Cloud Computing
Responsive Design
Big Data
RESTful Services
Sublime Text
Aviation Domain
Financial Domain
The Training
Masters in Computer Science | Arizona State University | 3.72 CGPA | May 2015
Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering | Manipal Insititute of Technology | 7.72 CGPA | May 2012
The Battles
Intel | Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, CA | Front End Engineer | June 2015- Now
Search Monetization and Distribution
Monetizing Yahoo! Search
Distributing Yahoo! Search products to partners like AT&T and other internal teams like Mail, Front Page.
Intel | Intel Corp, Chandler, AZ | Graduate Software Intern | May 2014- August 2014
Object-Oriented Design and Programming principles applied in an Agile environment to build Decision Engineering Tools
Enhanced and customized an Open-source project Handsontable- an Excel-like Data Grid Editor
Created multiple views in MS SQL Server Manager
Built a Single Page Application using AngularJS which consumes RESTful APIs
Experimented with Data visualization libraries such as D3js
ASU | Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ | Graduate Student Worker | September 2013- May 2014
CS 100 (Object Oriented Software Development) Grader: Grading and giving Feedback to Students. Assisting Prof with the course.
Developer: Server side development for an iOS app- Authentication, data interchange, etc
HP | Hewlett-Packard R&D, Bangalore, India| Front End Developer | January 2012 August 2013
Rapid Prototyping and creating User Experiences for Products in the Aviation Travel Domain. The aim was to replace the CLIs used by Gate Agents and at the same time, maintain/increase their efficiency.
Built 3 independent modules: Departure Control System, Reservation System, EMD.
Various Client-Side technologies were used for experimentation.
Videocon | Videocon Ltd., Gurgaon, India | Intern | May-August 2011
Design & Development of the internal Business Intelligence Tool of Videocon.
Wipro | Wipro Tech., Gurgaon, India | Intern | May-August 2010
Online Repository Creation and Document Version Control for Wipro-Uninor engagement
The Campaigns
Elegant New Tab- A Chrome Extension
Elegant New Tab Makes your New Tab come alive. Beautiful Transparent Material Design with color adaptive ripples.
WebRTC and MobiCloud
WebRTC and MobiCloud based Video Chat application with capabilities such as screen sharing, chat etc. It uses WebRTC API, ICE framework (STUN/TURN), signaling mechanism using a NodeJS server and a few other technologies to establish a peer to peer connection between several clients.
Added 3 new features to the open source learning community called Moodle. They are- Alias Names, Synergic Answers and Autonomous Extra Credits.
Search Engine
Implemented various link based algorithms like PageRank, Authorities/Hubs and text based algorithms like TF/IDF on the web pages in ASU domain.
Deployed a Device Management SaaS application on Salesforce.com
Object Oriented Inventory Management System
This was a freelance project aimed at building an online system which will help a large construction firm manage inventories across various construction sites and giving different user types, different access rights. The system also included options for generating purchase orders and was successfully deployed.
This Website (Websiteception..get it, get it?)
Built the long overdue portfolio website. Yes it`s this one. Yes you are browsing it right now.
Facebook App
Currently building a Facebook app to help enable A Chat as invisible mode in Facebook. This will help a FB user to see which of its friends are online without actually turning on the FB Chat. The app will also include an option for notifying the user once a selected friend is online.